This takes place using Zoom or FaceTime.


Ideally, you want to have good light in the room you’ll be working from and a full length mirror. Other than that, just have a good idea of what you want from the session and let me do the rest.

Once we have established your wardrobe needs and set a shopping date, I source everything in advance so that the clothes are ready and waiting for our time together.


My job is to cut out the queues and busy changing rooms so that the shopping experience is calm, relaxed and fun.

Yes. I do it all online and then send you the item links via email.

This is a collaborate venture and the only clothes that go are the ones that no longer work and that you feel happy saying goodbye to.


Letting go of clothes can be an emotional wrench but holding on to items that no longer work is counterproductive. My sole purpose is to get the best results for you and to bring clarity to your wardrobe.

It isn’t necessary, though any inhibitions usually go within 5 minutes of working with me. I am not in the business of making anyone feel uncomfortable.


I want your experience to be relaxing and enjoyable. 

It sounds obvious but a full length mirror is really helpful. Other than that, all you need is a good breakfast, enthusiasm and an open mind. There will be items we discard.

No. I often take clients shopping for specific items. If I haven’t met you before, however, I always chat to you in advance so that I have a clear picture of what you want and what will suit you. 

Yes. We will go through scarves, jewellery, belts.

I can offer basic advice but for specific needs I can refer you on to specialists in this area.

I based in West London and am happy to come to you but will charge for travel time.

Absolutely. It's one of the most rewarding aspects of my job; seeing the change it has on my clients. Not only will it save you time and money, looking good is empowering.


It gives you enormous confidence and can massively impact many areas of your life both physically and emotionally. It can lead to promotion at work, revitalising relationships, get you that first job after years of being a stay at home mum. You might want to reinvent your look, or just improve it. It’s about getting dressed in the morning and feeling happy with what you put on.

I get this all the time. There is honestly nothing I haven’t already seen that will shock or faze me. If your wardrobe is in a state of flux, then that’s the best time to get me in. It’s such a cathartic experience. Any sense of embarrassment or nerves quickly goes. You will honestly look back on it and wonder what took you so long.

Not a problem. I always suggest meeting at your home so that I can see what you have, what works and what you’re missing. I then prepare an online shop and email you the details so that everything can be sent straight to your home.


Some clients like to follow this up with a wardrobe update/virtual session to go through the new looks.

Yes. Many come for help after my having first worked on their wives' wardrobes.

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