How to take an Outfit from Day to Night.

It’s the festive season, one of the best times of the year to get dressed up. Everyone likes the idea of a new outfit and the shops have been full of temptations but how do you square this with also wanting a more sustainable wardrobe? Well, being able to take an outfit from day to night is a good place to start. But how? It can be tricky factoring in whether a jumper or skirt that is work-appropriate, can also elevate a look for Christmas drinks.

So this month, I have turned to four creative and dynamic friends who love their fashion. I asked them to come up with their own versions of day to night. Often using little more than a switch of shoes and a handbag, they have been able to create entirely new looks.

If you’re struggling to find the right pieces in your wardrobe and want inspiration, read on to see what they came up with.


The Jumpsuit

Cathy is a fashion model and boutique fashion adviser. She says, 

‘I love wearing my AG jumpsuit. It’s the 70’s vibe I’m drawn to. So easy to dress up or down. I paired it with a cardigan from Hayley Menzies and trainers from DATE which make a simple and very comfortable day look. 

For the evening version, all I did was remove the cardigan, add my Golden Goose silver bag, heeled silver sandals from ASH and an Isabel Marant embellished belt and my outfit was complete.

Best Christmas Memory?

One of my best Christmas memories is with my grandfather. When I was a young child, he introduced me to Stilton cheese with a tiny drop of sherry served in a very pretty glass. I’ve kept this tradition going and every year I have Stilton with a glass of sherry. Doesn’t quite taste the same now he’s not here, but it’s a wonderful memory. Xx


The leopard print skirt.

Natalya is a lifestyle blogger, half Russian and half Ukrainian. She says ‘When I saw this skirt (which came from Wonderlust), I knew I needed it in my wardrobe. I immediately began imagining wearing it with a variety of looks.

For my day version I put it with a black Uniqlo sweater, a leather jacket from Massimo Dutti, hat from Reiss and very warm and comfy boots from a Ukrainian brand.

For my evening look, I swapped the jersey for an elegant top from Phase Eight, heels instead of boots which came from ASOS and black tassel earrings bought a long time ago. 

The red dress

Natalya says,

Red is such a Christmas colour and it happens to go well with my complexion. I got this Hugo Boss dress a couple of years ago. The eco leather is quite versatile and a good option for freezing cold winter days.. For my day look, wearing a black sweater over the top, meant the dress took on the look of a skirt. I added chunky boots (a Ukrainian brand), thick tights and a taupe coat from Marvin Brown.

To meet up with friends in the evening, I simply changed the boots for heels (Hugo Boss), added a stylish watch and voila, I had a quick, elegant alternative. Plus, I’m warm and suitably festive!

Best Christmas memory?

I don’t have one in particular. Just that I love the Christmas season because it is family orientated and I have a big family (4 sisters, plus their husbands and their kids). This year I can’t be with them but we will have FaceTime to share the festive mood and love. There are some advantages of not being able to go home, however. Present shopping this year won’t be so expensive! 


The green dress.

Emma is a food and prop stylist. She says,

‘I bought this H&M dress this season knowing I will have many occasions to wear it. It’s oversized cut and the relaxed-ness of it, is both practical and versatile. Going with the colour block look, I have popped on my old faithful blue sweater from H&M, and Nike Neon trainers for my day look. 

The beauty of a loose dress is that I can add plenty of very attractive thermal underwear in lieu of my sweater without anyone knowing. To complete my evening look, all I had to do was swap my trainers for my gold Pistol boots and accessorise with lots of gold jewellery. And champagne, of course. ’Tis the season, after all.

Best Christmas memory?

As a child I would wake up really early full of excitement. My parents wouldn’t allow my brother and I to open our presents until they’d had their first cup of tea – even if it was 4am. Years on, our daughters do the same thing – tradition repeating itself. No presents before my all important cup of tea.


The leather trousers 

Alison is a stylist, colourist and works part-time at local boutique, Fusspotts. The preloved shop is where many of her wardrobe pieces stem from. She says,

‘My attire doesn’t particularly say girlie girl. For me, keeping it simple with a hint of drama ticks all the right boxes. As Chanel once said, “Adornment, what a science. Beauty, what a weapon, modesty, what elegance.” Well, two out of three I can influence.

I love playing with leather trousers as they are infinitely adaptable. I’ve paired them with a simple white shirt and knitted tank top (both Cos) and a tailored Runsfold jacket for my day look. Black biker boots (John Lewis) and a traditional bag from Osprey help ground the outfit.

For the evening, off came the shirt and knitwear to expose a silk lace cami by Dolce and Gabbana, a multitude of jet and onyx beads, a bejewelled clutch curtsey of Butler and Wilson and flat Emma Hope shoes, pointed and suede, to create drama against the skinny leather trousers. And always, with every outfit, correctly fitted underwear to create the foundation, a dash of lipstick and manicured nails to complete the look. After all, to quote Chanel again,”Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”


The Loreak trouser suit

Alison says,

‘For my day look I chose a beautiful blue trouser suit by Loreak, an M&S silk shirt, Bottega Veneta bag and shoes from Russell and Bromley. I adore one colour dressing. It creates a bold, strong statement that elongates the frame. 

For the evening, I swapped the R&B shoes for a pair of shimmery Mint Velvet heels. I replaced the jacket with a gorgeous muted sequinned top from Anthropologie and ditched the office bag for an evening one from Coach. The three metallic items working together, create a pop of harmony.

Best Christmas memory?

That has to be, and continues to be, sharing it with my three sons. There is no greater joy than basking in their ridiculousness.

9 thoughts on “How to take an Outfit from Day to Night.”

  1. Thanks Emma. Really interesting to see how your ladies seamlessly took their outfits from day through to night and useful to learn how uncomplicated it can be. It’s inspiring to see how, with just a few changes here and there, it can make such a difference and impact.

  2. Such fun ! Love the red dress that can also look like a skirt. Sunny California isn’t quite the same for Winter looks and I long to layer again ! Leather pants are on my wish list but need to go to a city to shop. Happy New Year Everyone

  3. I love these day/evening ideas! Such simple things like adding a jumper and trainers can transform night to day. You’ve made me realise that mentally putting my clothes in day/ night/ dressy/ casual compartments, as I tend to do, is so restrictive. Thank you for showing me how to be more flexible!

  4. Great blog and so good to see such a variety of women looking fabulous both day and evening in the same outfit! I love a versatile garment that you can dress up and down. This will now be on the forefront of my mind at the next shop. Thanks Emma x


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