How to Wear a Jumpsuit

Aside from dresses, the jumpsuit is one of the simplest outfit options because it’s just one piece. It’s the ideal choice for going from desk to dinner. It’s comfortable to wear and, layered up, will take you through the seasons. 

However, it comes with caveats. The fit shouldn’t be compromised and it needs to be easy to get in and out of; think zips at the back, complicated ties. So, if you want to know how to make the most of the jumpsuit and what pitfalls to avoid, read on.


1. Choose a quality fabric.

It sounds obvious but compromise on this at your peril. It’s easy to get seduced by the design or colour but choosing a well made jumpsuit with good fabric means it will hang well and keep its shape. It might not be very showy, but you can spot quality a mile away. 


2. Stick to monochrome.

A block colour provides a blank canvass and allows you multiple options on how to accessorise.

3.  Focus on the fit.

The jumpsuit shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. The same goes for anything too short in the stride or tight in the rear and which pulls at the crotch. Saggy or overly synched, weve all been there.

4.  Layering

While jumpsuits are an easy wear, always consider layering underneath. If you wear a jumper or a tied shirt over the top, you might as well wear trousers. And limit what goes on top to jackets and belts. It means you won’t have to take everything off when you need the loo!

5.  Look for Versatility

Sticking to block colours like black, navy, taupe or grey give you many options. With small changes, your jumpsuit will take you from day to night. 

6.  The dropped waist

Generally speaking, jumpsuits work best with some waist definition unless you’re lucky enough to be an Amazonian supermodel. Katie Holmes is a classic pear shape but the heals and the structure of a tailored jacket allows her to pull off this look.


7.  Jackets

The easiest way to style a jumpsuit is with a jacket but do think about proportion as well as your shape. If you wear a wide legged jumpsuit with a long blazer it can swamp a frame as demonstrated here by Emma Watson (who is 5’5”). A shorter, slightly more fitted jacket like this denim one brings a more successful balance.

This is a nice touch, bringing Chanel elements to a simple black jumpsuit. Another easy way to elevate a very simple piece.

And for a more casual alternative, an unstructured linen jacket and tan sandals work just as well.

8. Weddings

The jumpsuit has got to be one of the easiest options if you’re a wedding guest.

Hello Molly Things Work Out jumpsuit
Stella McCartney
Roland Mouret

Or, for that matter, as a bride. If it’s good enough for Amal Clooney to get married in (strictly speaking this is a two piece but could easily pass for a jumpsuit)… these lovely options make for a very modern bride.

Until next time.

4 thoughts on “How to Wear a Jumpsuit”

  1. Lovely ideas! I have a jumpsuit lurking at the back of my wardrobe and can now see lots of ways of making it work for me! Thank you!

  2. Brilliant blog Emma – I’ve just got a jumpsuit for the first time and can’t wait to wear it – and I’m looking forward to putting something underneath it in the autumn !

  3. As always, a great read, Emma. As a jumpsuit enthusiast, this gives me ideas about different ways of wearing them out. Looking forward to the next blog. xx


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