What I Offer

Typically, clients start with a style consultation, then move on to a Wardrobe Edit and finish the process with a personal shop, but there are no rules here. My services can be entirely bespoke, specifically tailored to meet your individual needs, personality, lifestyle and budget.

Style Consultation  2 Hours


This is where I find out about you. I will ask quite a few questions to help build up a profile of what styles you’re drawn to and what your wardrobe needs are to suit your lifestyle. 

The session cover your style personality, body shape, scale and proportions, colours that flatter your hair and complexion, styles that best suit your shape, and how to accessorise outfits. We will also work through a couple of your problem outfits.

This session usually takes place at your home.

Wardrobe Edit  4-7 Hours (depending on size of wardrobe)


This is effectively a wardrobe MOT where I come to your home.

It’s a great service to bring clarity and order to your wardrobe. Together, we have a good sort through of what works, what doesn’t, editing all your clothes and footwear.

Some clients already have a good working wardrobe, others need a complete rethink. My job is to get rid of the clutter, help you create new looks. Key to this process is identifying any gaps. You might have some fantastic pieces but struggle to wear them because you’re missing the basics. 

By the end of the session, we will have identified everything that makes you look and feel great, discarded anything that doesn’t flatter you and established how to get the best wear from what you have.

It's hugely liberating and good fun.

Personal Shop  

Half day £300 / Full day £400

Mini consultation (where necessary) £50

This is a natural follow on from the Wardrobe Edit where we build on the gaps identified to complete outfits. You may be after a specific outfit for a wedding, a job interview, a party, that date with a new man. You might have always struggled to find trousers that fit, a versatile pair of boots or want to rebuild your entire wardrobe. I will fix that for you.

I do all the legwork in advance so that your time with me is efficient and stress-free. Where we shop will depend on your particular goals, budget and time allocated but most of the time it will be central London. The main aim is to find you lovely, affordable clothes in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. I’ve converted many a client who had previously dreaded the prospect of clothes shopping!

Please note that if you haven’t already opted for the personal styling or Wardrobe Edit and just want help sourcing a specific outfit, then we will need a mini consultation in advance to discuss both your style and shopping agenda. This mini-consultation will take an hour and costs £50.

Group Style Workshop  (min x 4) 2.5 hours

£45 per person

This is a fun and affordable workshop shared with a small group of friends.

Held at the convenience of your home, the styling session covers body shape, style personality, colour tone, styling tips, how to accessorise effectively, what key items to add to your wardrobes, current trends and how to work them into your own personal style.

Groups are kept small so that I can spend time with everyone individually. Bring along a range of items from your existing wardrobe so that we can go through what works and what doesn't and maybe swap with someone else. Sessions can be during the day or early evening over a bottle of wine. Whatever works best for you.

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