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What a great day we had!

What a great day we had! Super-efficient, but wonderfully warm and full of encouragement, Emma manages to seamlessly guide you through your wardrobe. It is so much easier to consider what shapes and colours to utilize with a little expertly-directed dialogue. A tired wardrobe can be transformed and once again it can be exciting to choose what to wear, rather than don the same old faithfuls! In addition to highlighting the pieces to let go, Emma is able to see clearly where the gaps are - just a few purchases can bring everything together. Thank you Emma - you come highly recommended for any woman (and probably man too), whatever shape or age. I guarantee you will feel a whole lot better after 'A day with Emma!'

Ruth 53 Wardrobe Edit

Advent Calendar Wardrobe

After having experienced Emma’s services, a trend-setting, sophisticated lady has now taken the place of the shy, over-looked girl I was before. My clothes make me appear slimmer and given me greater self-confidence. I have started to receive better service from shops, guys have been extra charming and colleagues have started taking my opinions more and more into account. I have also made the ladies in my office green with envy! All of this is due to Emma’s assistance and passion. One of my colleagues couldn’t wait to see my new outfits each day, describing the excitement as opening the windows of a Christmas advent calendar. I now notice other people’s clothing in more detail and follow Emma’s recommended fellow-shaped celebrities for fashion tips. I am more knowledgeable when buying clothes for myself and now have the ability to buy pieces which work with my existing base wardrobe.

Charlie 26 Style Consultation. Wardrobe Edit. Personal Shop.

I feel so much more confident

The wardrobe edit was great fun and took about three hours. Emma helped me identify the clothes that flattered and the ones to lose. We discussed my shape and colours and what key pieces I needed - in my case an urgent need for trousers and footwear. She was really tactful and inspiring and I feel so much more confident. I can’t wait to go shopping now.

Harriet 39 Wardrobe Edit

Found me the perfect outfit

I don’t normally like to dress up. I feel happier in jeans but Emma found me the perfect outfit for my daughter’s wedding. I would never have chosen it for myself but felt wonderful wearing it. I even got my daughter’s stamp of approval and that’s saying something.

Sarah 43 Personal Shop

It was incredibly empowering.

Some people look effortlessly good in whatever they wear. I am not one of those people. I mostly wear either tracksuits or suits for my job so have never learnt how to have "that look". I had a wardrobe bursting at the seams with random clothes. My diary was full of important, formal engagements with me feeling full of angst about what to wear, how to look my best and absolutely no time to decide.

After a panic phone call, Emma came to my rescue and instantly worked out what I needed. She helped me solve the whole wardrobe problem with a smile and effortless efficiency. She divided my wardrobe into clothes that made the most of my colouring, shape and lifestyle and everything else was discarded (quite a relief). We then had a hugely enjoyable shopping day, focusing on the best pieces to fill the gaps in my wardrobe after the edit. The whole experience was not only great fun, it was incredibly empowering and I learned how to emphasise my shape rather than cover up. Thank you Emma!

Anne 53 Wardrobe Edit. Personal Shop

Definitely money well spent!

I always felt I had nothing to wear even though my cupboard was stuffed with clothes. I felt overwhelmed and never entirely happy with what I put on. Then I stumbled across Emma and my life changed for the better.

We got together on a regular basis to work through all areas of my wardrobe. She reduced and organised everything so that choosing an outfit became much easier. In some ways letting go of clothes was heart-wrenching but the loss was reduced by selling unworn items and donating others to a more needy home.

It’s now so easy to choose an outfit to go out in. I have learnt to mix and match to make outfits trendy and more up to date and I have space in my wardrobe so I can see what I have at a glance. Because I know what styles suit me, I no longer feel the need to buy more items as with mixing and matching I feel I already have new styles to wear. Emma is brilliant to work with. She’s both professional and friendly and we did have a lot of laughs together.

Months later, I am still so happy and my wardrobe remains uncluttered and a joy to open the doors. Definitely money well spent!

Nicki 48 Wardrobe Edits

A personal and supportive service

Emma thank you so much for helping me to see the wood for the trees! I have been to able to streamline my wardrobe significantly and get some guidelines in place that make buying and combining pieces so much simpler and effective. I particularly appreciate your help in picking pieces out for me from the budget/charity shop choices too! Your service is really personal and supportive and I have thoroughly enjoyed something I was rather nervous of in the beginning.

Lucy 54 Wardrobe edit, Personal shop

'How amazing that I feel the best I’ve felt in my mid-fifites'

I can’t tell you what an impact you have had on me. I think I am finally finding my style. I know when something feels right when I put it on and am letting go of pale blue which I now see doesn’t suit me at all!! You have given me so much confidence!! It’s my birthday today and I’m 54. How amazing that I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my mid fifties and you have a huge part to play in that. I can't thank you enough.

Janie Wardrobe Edit

‘The single best thing a woman can do.'

I think this is the single best thing a woman can do, is to allow a professional to critique your wardrobe. I liken it to when you have something wrong with your body, you seek professional advice, or if something's not quite right with the car, you go to a garage to find out what the problem is. The same with your wardrobe. If it is not working for you… and you know if it isn’t…. go to a professional. Emma’s your girl.

Sher Consultation, Edit, Personal Shop

What an epic day!

It was a phenomenal shop and I am really pleased with my plunder. Thank you again for everything.

Angela 58 Style Consultation, Wardrobe Edit, Personal shop

Thoughtful little reminders

Your visit was brilliant, I learnt so much about my shape and skin tones. You helped me look analytically at myself, my wardrobe and my way of life to see what really suited me. With your background in fashion you were able, at a glance, to tactfully draw my attention to all sorts of points I had never thought of.

I now shop with a far clearer idea of what is appropriate... my husband often nudging me with, 'Would Emma approve?' The storage and categorising suggestions were extremely helpful too. Follow-up emails and thoughtful little reminders were super for keeping me on task. Your visit was a really enjoyable and valuable experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Shiv 60 Wardrobe Edit

"For a time-strapped businessman, this has been a great investment"

I love my new wardrobe. I'm travelling globally at the moment and without fail wear everything you chose for me. So pleased we did this. When I need a change l'll be back!

Stewart 44 Personal Shop/Consultation

Wardrobe has been transformed

Thank you, Emma, for doing my Wardrobe Edit. My wardrobe has been transformed and everything makes sense now. And I promise to never wear black again.

Maureen 46 Wardrobe Edit

Worth every penny

Emma has been amazing at transforming my wardrobe and my look. From establishing my colours to sorting out my wardrobe and helping me shopping for some wonderful new clothes she has been totally fantastic. I've never had so many compliments on how I look. It's a real confidence boost and worth every penny. I strongly recommend anyone in need of a restyle and update to work with Emma.

Amanda 58 Consultation, Wardrobe Edit, Shop

A fun and exciting journey

After having had my children, I lost all interest and time in choosing what to wear. I often resorted to black and styles that I have since found out did not suit me at all! Emma helped me understand that softer colours are much more flattering. She also taught me the right styles for my figure, most of which I would never have touched in a million years. She took me on such a fun and exciting journey, always making me feel so comfortable. My wardrobe no longer depresses me and I feel happy once again with what I’m wearing and therefore so much happier inside. Huge thank you Emma and I will keep on listening to your advice, taking risks I never would have taken and using your expertise.

Claire 36 Wardrobe Edit, Style Consultation and Personal Shop

So much easier to shop

I was so pleased I invested in the image consultancy. It made it so much easier to shop and has saved me from making expensive mistakes. Thank you so much, Emma. I’m coming back for a wardrobe Edit.

Patricia 46 Style Consultation

Really efficient, kind and knowledgeable

I had an initial consultation with Emma recently. We discussed the colours, shapes and styles which would suit me best, then tried on clothes in my wardrobe with surprising results. The most successful outfits were photographed as an aide memoir - really useful. I found Emma really efficient, kind and knowledgeable and will certainly take her excellent advice in future. We plan to go shopping soon for trousers, skirt and boots and I know I will be in safe hands.

Jane 68 Style Consultation, Wardrobe Edit

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