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Emma is simply amazing. She takes you on a journey which starts with your wardrobe but ends with you investigating who you are. You get used to seeing yourself a certain way but this is an illusion. Emma shows you the true you and how to let this shine through in the best way for all to see.

She’s a great style expert who guides and teaches you your best colours and clothing styles. It’s been great to reassess and refresh my style especially now that I’m moving into my forties. She will be tough especially about pieces that don’t work, but you will start to see how right she is. She always has your best interests in mind.

After the wardrobe consultation it’s time to shop. The experience is fantastic. Emma makes it so easy. She has often put pieces on hold and will then commandeer the best fitting rooms. In action she turns each shop into a well oiled machine, organising sales staff to find the right size, looking for specific pieces to fill wardrobe gaps and using their expertise with their brands clothing collection. I am a very happy client and will continue to use Emma’s expertise on my style journey and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Leona (Glen) Miles
Consultation/Wardrobe Edit/Shop
Emma came to my rescue when I was at a personal low. Clearing out my old clothes was very emotional but also so therapeutic. Our shopping trip was an inspiration. For the first time ever I came home with complete outfits.

I now know my style and for the first time in years my confidence has been given a real boost. My new wardrobe is beautiful. Words really can’t express how much Emma has helped me.
Consultation/Wardrobe Edit/Shop
Now that I’ve had this experience, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go clothes shopping again without you.
Shop/Wardrobe Edit
Thank you for an amazing day. I am exhausted but so happy. You have been amazing and so patient with me. I really appreciate everything . I have learned so much and will no longer have that feeling of dread opening my wardrobe in the mornings.
Amanda - Publisher
Wardrobe Edit/Shop
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