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How often do you visit your wardrobe and think, I have nothing to wear?  This will probably be in spite of it being crammed with clothes. If I was to ask, you might also admit to only wearing a fraction of what’s inside. You are not alone. We are a nation of impulse shoppers, buying what takes our fancy instead of thinking about how what we buy might work with what we already have. 

Perhaps you worry about your shape and no longer know what styles or colours suit you. You are not alone there either. We all have our hang ups. Whatever your size or shape, I believe you can look great with the right style.

After years of working as a couture model for the world’s best designers, I know about clothes. I have learnt the tricks of the trade - how to look great without spending a fortune - how to put together a capsule wardrobe that serves your lifestyle, how to be fashionable without losing your individual style. My clients are mostly women (though the guys get a look in too) with wide-ranging ages, needs and budgets. They have all worried about the exposure that comes with working with a stylist, but none of them have regretted it. Quite the opposite. For many, their wardrobe journey has been life-changing. 

Mostly I understand about women’s anxieties. The constant changes we all face; weight fluctuations, child birth, relationship breakdowns, the dreaded menopause. Any one of these can have an impact on how we feel about ourselves and this is so often reflected in how we dress. We can end up feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed. Or just confused about where to start. This is where I come in. I take the stress and confusion out of dressing and help you save not only time and wasted energy but money too. I show you how to get the best out of your clothes so that you look and feel fabulous. As a client once said, everyone deserves an Emma.

I offer four services:

Clients generally start with the style consultation but it’s up to you. I will tailor my service around your needs and budget.

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