Packing tips for a summer holiday

If you’re heading abroad for a break, your mind will be on what to take. Packing for a holiday should be an easy task but so often turns into a headache.

We all start off with good intentions. After all, how hard can it be to fit a week’s worth of carefully curated clothes into one carry-on. In reality, indecision about what you’ll need and the uncertainty of the weather means that your carry-on case doubles in size and has to be checked in because it’s now stuffed with clothes you’re unlikely to wear. 

Sound familiar? Fear not. Here are some of my tips on how to get around this .

                                                                                                                         Image: Mikael Jansson for Vogue 2016

1. Work out your wardrobe needs

Stick to a limited and neutral colour palate so that you can mix and match what you bring. Tonal dressing makes it much easier to add vibrant pops of colour. 


2. Be ruthless.

Lay out everything you think you’ll need so you can see it all together and then be ruthless with your editing. Ideally, you want to start planning a few days in advance so you have time to make changes. That way you avoid panic packing.

3. Roll your clothes rather than fold. 

Not only will this give you more space, rolling prevents your clothes from creasing. Put anything delicate or fragile into a garment bag and lay it flat on top.


4. Invest in the right travel bottles.

It’s really worth spending a bit of time getting the right travel containers for your products. Muji or Amazon offer good options and Boots for mini-sizes.  If at the airport security you can’t fit all your bottles into one plastic bag, put the spill over into a second. I’ve started doing this and they always sail through. 

5. Use your shoes as extra storage space. 

Stuff your shoes with socks and delicate items that you don’t want rattling around loose in your case. Place each pair of shoes inside a storage bag to avoid marking your clothes. Again, Muji is a good option for these.

6. Wear your hat and your heaviest shoes.

If you’re heading for the sun, you’ll need a hat. Unless it’s one you can roll up, wear it on the plane along with your weightier shoes. And rather than taking a coat, opt for a heat tech jacket (Uniqlo would be my pick). A great layering piece that weighs nothing and rolls into a tiny ball. Even warm countries can get chilly at night.

7. For a beach holiday, take a linen shirt and denim shorts.

Always think of multiple ways to get wear from the clothes you take. A linen shirt is a holiday staple but also makes a great swimsuit cover up. And if you wear shorts demin is always fail-safe as its so versatile.

Emma Hill

8. Take one piece of knitwear even if you’re going somewhere warm.

Wear the sweater over your shoulders like a scarf when you’re travelling. Planes can be chilly and it’s one less thing to pack.

9. Don’t check in your medication.

On the off chance that your suitcase goes missing (it happens), you have the important stuff with you.

10. Resistance bands as an exercise tool.

If you don’t want your exercise regime to drop while you’re away, resistance bands are a great travel option. They weight next to nothing and take up no space in your luggage.

11. Charger Bag

There is nothing worse than searching for charges that can’t be found. Think ahead by organising a small bag of chargers that will cover all destinations and keep it in your suitcase so that you’re ready to leave at a moment’s notice

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