Best Women’s Boots to Invest In

Gone are the days when boots were something you only wore in winter. They have become so settled into our wardrobes that you’re as likely to wear them mid-summer as you are on a cold day. In many ways boots are far less work than shoes. Not the kitten or stiletto heels, the ones that leave you tottering for balance. Today’s woman wants her footwear to be both practical and stylish but that doesn’t mean ruling out a heel. A block heel will give you the all important stable base.

There are a myriad of boots out there to choose from but for me, there are three styles that will carry you through most outfits. 

First up has to be the tried and trusted heeled ankle boot. Black, brown, burgundy, taupe or grey are the staple colours to invest in as they will give you the most versatility. They look great with skinny jeans, cropped trousers but also with midi skirts and dresses.

Following closely behind is the low heeled suede boot. Such a useful wardrobe staple. Suede brings an elegant alternative to its leather cousin and perfectly partners dresses. These are ideal too for those who like to wear short skirts but worry about showing too much leg. Unless you have the height and leg length, I would suggest sticking to knee high or risk being swamped by over-the-knee boots. 

And then there is the shoe boot. If you are going to show part of your leg, the key is to make sure it’s V shaped at the front as this will flatter and elongate the leg rather than cutting the ankle.

For advice in sourcing footwear or any other aspect of your wardrobe, do get in touch. I’d love to help.

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