What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

When the weather is warm and the sun shining, deciding what to wear to a wedding is relatively easy. But what about when the wedding is in the Winter or early Spring? While these days there are no hard and fast rules (except not to wear white unless expressly requested), navigating an unspoken dress code … Read more

How to Master Tonal Dressing

Tonal dressing is wearing multiple shades of the same colour or hue. It is an easy and effective way of bringing new interest to the clothes you already have. The key is to vary the textures, fabrics, patterns and finishes as this will provide depth and contrast. When executed well, tonal dressing can elevate an … Read more

In Conversation with David Evans, creator of Grey Fox blog

A year ago, David Evans of Grey Fox blog invited me to take part in his Masters of Style series profiling people who have something interesting to say about clothes and how they express their style. Ever since, I’ve had him in my mind to feature here. David has been championing British menswear brands for … Read more

How to take an Outfit from Day to Night.

It’s the festive season, one of the best times of the year to get dressed up. Everyone likes the idea of a new outfit and the shops have been full of temptations but how do you square this with also wanting a more sustainable wardrobe? Well, being able to take an outfit from day to … Read more

How to transition your summer wardrobe to Autumn

Often seen as the hardest of the wardrobe shifts, is the transition from summer to autumn. New collections dominate the high street and with so many trends, it’s tempting to think, I don’t have that and I really don’t want to miss out. There is a sense of urgency to spend, especially when the shelf … Read more

Masters of Style: Emma Davison

This month’s blog is an interview with fashion blogger David Grey. For a change, I was the subject with David asking me the questions. Known as Grey Fox Blog on his hugely successful Instagram account, David champions British Designers. His focus is on menswear but, as he says in his Masters of Style Series, men can always learn from women and visa versa. … Read more

The Mother-Daughter Style Swaps.

Most of us have, at some point, raided our mother’s wardrobe. It’s a rite of passage. Who can forget that early thrill of feeling both grown up and illicit in borrowed clothes. It’s a feeling that stays with us, igniting a love of dressing-up even once we have become adults with daughters of our own. … Read more

How to wear Leopard Print

Gone are the days when leopard was considered the exclusive right of rockstars and brassy barmaids. This most forgiving and versatile of prints is now seen up and down the high street and has become a staple favourite. Think of it as a neutral rather than a statement piece. It doesn’t have to be worn … Read more

How to Wear a Jumpsuit

Aside from dresses, the jumpsuit is one of the simplest outfit options because it’s just one piece. It’s the ideal choice for going from desk to dinner. It’s comfortable to wear and, layered up, will take you through the seasons.  However, it comes with caveats. The fit shouldn’t be compromised and it needs to be … Read more


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