How to stylishly wear a Hoodie.

We’ve all got used to leisurewear during lockdown. Even before we were confined to our homes, casual, sporty attire was really starting to flex its muscles, becoming a mainstay in modern dressing. It’s one thing hanging out at home in a pair of forgiving sweatpants. But as our lives resume some sort of normal, more challenging is how to wear it in a more grown up way.

Step forward the humble hoodie. Most of us have one of these in our wardrobes. Put aside its normal connotations of something we’ve rolled out of bed in or thrown on to go to the gym. The hoodie has become a more dynamic player. Here are nine ways it can be styled, making leisurewear work for our ever-changing lifestyles in multiple ways. 

Reiss sets the right tone with this relaxed combination. What elevates this outfit and gives it a more expensive appeal, is the use of luxury fabrics while keeping everything tonal. 

The slip dress has been around for a while and is now considered a wardrobe staple. This combination not only plays down the traditional sexiness of the slip, it also makes a good compromise as the weather cools.

ME&EM once again pulling smart casual out of the bag. Here they’re showcasing their cashmere version of the hoodie.

The hoodie makes a great layering piece. You’re in safe hands with it thrown over jeans, trainers and a trench. All the tones here are kept neutral which makes it effortlessly cool.

This is a clean and professional alternative to formal workwear (though if I was styling it, I’d omit the white socks.)

Who says you can’t pretty up a hoodie. This is a perfect example of smart casual. The hoodie does its job by toning down the extravagance of the skirt and shoes.

I love this combination. It has real charm; wearing a strapless dress over a hoodie. Works a treat. 

A hoodie over a floaty dress is both unexpected and modern. It doesn’t have to be worn this oversized and if the sandals and heals feels like a step too far, swap them for trainers or brogues. Or take it into a transitional piece by wearing boots.

The splash of this vibrant orange hoodie works really well against the muted tones of this check trouser suit. 

4 thoughts on “How to stylishly wear a Hoodie.”

  1. Love all the options of wearing a hoody. This item will work well this winter in CA. Our coldest days are mid 50’s at the beach and I will definitely look for a couple of them. One bright colored and one more natural. Thanks Emma!

  2. Well, inspired by you, I have just bought a new hoodie! The comfort of them can not be denied, but who would have thought they could be smart and stylish too? I have to admit mine came from H&M. Nevertheless, it’s soft and comfortable in an interesting dark lavender!

    You should be writing these for fashion mags! Always on point. 💕


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