How To Wear A Tailored Suit

The tailored suit has been been around for decades and none more so than now. Up and down the high street there has been an explosion of tailoring ensembles in a wealth of fabrics and affordable prices. This timeless trend is one of the most reliable items in a woman’s wardrobe. It delivers on so many fronts. A less predictable alternative to the work environment, for ease and comfort, you can’t really better it. It is a great, transitional piece, makes an excellent travelling companion and, unlike the dress, doesn’t confine you to one look. If you haven’t invested in one yet, now is the time. 

A plain T-shirt, classic court heels, a small belt detail, what’s not to like. 

Summery and fresh, this pretty, coral ensemble will take you to Wimbledon, garden party, wedding….

Vibrant yellow, a recent high street trend, has been hard to ignore. If you opt for a punchy colour, keep everything else quiet and focus on the shape and cut.

I’m not a fan of the oversized suit. You have to be careful it doesn’t end up wearing you. 

Elegant and quietly sexy, this style of this suit will flatter most body shapes.

… and yes, curvy girls can absolutely wear a trouser suit.

A fresh and youthful take on pinstripe.

How cool to turn up as a wedding guest in this attire. 


Love the unexpectedness of this colour combination with the jacket thrown over the shoulders. The shoes keep it playful.

Don’t just think of a conservative suit as ‘smart.’ There are countless ways to wear it more informally.

The days when only men looked powerful in a suit are gone. 

Cate nailing it with the shape and colour.

A nice romantic touch adding a victorian lace shirt to this floral suit with the cuffs on show.

Don’t overthink a trouser suit like this. A pair of trainers and you’re good to go.

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