How To Wear Florals

There are few things more ubiquitous with spring/summer fashion than floral. But while it might be scented heaven for romantic dressers, floral prints can get a mixed reception. Pretty and fresh on some, floral can also be viewed as frumpy and middle aged. Not everyone is going to be able to pull off a Victorian Prairie dress – the high street’s current preoccupation – but I would argue there is a place for this feminine print in every girl’s wardrobe. The trick is to mix it with modern and timeless pieces. 

Floral is easy to layer up when it’s still a little cold. Showing some skin between the shoe and hem, stops the dress from being too heavy.

A feminine take on the tailored suit for the more creative dress.

The block cardigan picks out the small, pink accent in the dress. Has an easy charm without being too girlie.

Toughen up a pretty floral midi dress with a leather jacket and biker boots.

Clever mix of floral and strips. The dark blue pulls it all together. 

Floral doesn’t have to play a loud role. Here it’s almost an accent. 

This is an easy look if you don’t want to have too much leg on show. Just keep the button fastenings to a minimum. 

Floral and denim always make an effortless partnership. 

Gives a plain outfit a splash of interest.


Proving you don’t have to be twenty to pull off full-length floral. This dress works because of the careful positioning of the print and there not being too much of it. The short sleeves and sheer fabric soften the black, making the overall effect fresh and youthful. The bag brings a touch of whimsy.

This tonal mix of fabrics keeps the formal skirt subdued yet modern.

The playful mix of the casual bomber jacket and fine detailed embroidery with pale demin works beautifully.

If you’re going to wear a statement-making floral skirt, keep everything else quiet. Amal Clooney, as usual, nailing her look.

Olivia Palermo also rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to choosing an outfit. The dominant print is softened by everything being tonally in sync.

Sharp ensemble but I’d have opted for a lighter boot.

An inventive way of using accessories to add floral drama to an outfit.

Love the insouciance of this quietly sexy outfit. The black bag is a touch clunky but the pink boots are fab.

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