How To Wear Camel

Camel, like navy, is a wardrobe staple. It may not scream out at you but in its own quiet way, nothing says chic more than this understated shade. Think of it as a neutral. It is incredibly versatile and will go with any colour. It’s particularly good with navy or black. Just avoid overly fussy outfits and keep accessories to a minimum.

That said, it’s rich, caramel hues won’t work with all skin tones as it has a lot of warmth to it (yellow undertones). So if you have a cool complexion (with pink undertones) you want to go for more of a beige camel with a pinkish tinge. Or put it with a cool colour like this light grey close to your face. The overall effect is instantly calming.

The perfect combination of black and camel. A black roll neck with black trousers and a slip on shoe. Super chic and easy.

If you only want it as an accent, just add a tan accessory. 

Or a bag. This half moon leather one is from & Other Stories but there are lots to choose from.

This is a great look if you are after smart casual. Nothing is shouting out for attention. It’s all quite tonal and restful to the eye. The accent with the Burberry-style bag gives the outfit a little pop of interest and the trainers keep it modern.

An easy work look and because all the colours are neutral you can afford to have a bit of fun with your footwear.

Burgundy makes a great partner. The tones are really complimentary. 

Wear a camel coat insouciantly over the shoulders to give the tailored look a more relaxed feel.

And if you are rushing from work and have no time to change before going out, the jeans and sweater are instantly transformed by the tailored coat and leopard print ankle boots. Stress free.

Do leave a comment if you have found this blog piece helpful or have something to say about camel. I always value feedback.

And remember that fashion should be fun and to be enjoyed.

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